Anterior Core Stiffness = Healthy Hips and Groins in Hockey?

Hockey is a sport played in a constant hip flexed position with the hip flexors continuously under a long duration isometric and concentric load. If the hip flexors are constantly “on” then there is a strong probability that the pelvis will be pulled into an anteriorly tipped position, a position that can cause dysfunctions like impingement and probably plays a large role in the hip/groin injury epidemic in hockey.

How do we counteract that position? We start by thinking of the weight room as a way to continuously try to counteract and balance the demands that 🏒 puts on the athlete. We program a heavy year round dose of anti-extension core exercises like rollouts, body saws, and suspension fallouts to help create stiffness throughout the anterior core.

Long story short; strive create balance ➡️overworked/tight hip flexors can pull the pelvis into an anteriorly tipped position ➡️creating stiffness through the anterior core with anti-extension core work does the opposite, pulling the pelvis into a more superior position.

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