Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


1. Developing opinion on developing speed/acceleration: the link between strength work and speed development isn’t as strong as many want you to think.

2. Have all of your athletes run a mile — the ones who come in last will be your best, most powerful athletes. – Charlie Francis

3. Random coaching thought – when you give athletes a stiffer core through anti-extension/flexion core exercises, you give them a better platform to work off of as well as do a lot to help prevent lower back pain.

4. S&C Coaches, think about your job as less about sets and reps and more about relationships. Looking back, an athlete is not going to think “I loved that coach, he had the best sets and reps schemes!” They’ll remember the relationships you developed and how you made them feel. – Ben Griffin (@coachgriffin88 on Twitter)

5. In-Season training is all about filling the buckets that aren’t being filled through sport. For most athletes the conditioning bucket is full with numerous practices a week and games. What doesn’t get filled is strength, speed, power. Strength train heavy and max sprint in-season.

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