Filling the Empty Buckets

In-Season Hockey Training Thought 💭➡️ Give them more of what they need not what they already get.

A mistake I made time and time again earlier in my career was programming qualities in the weight room that were seen in sport. A perfect example of this would be performing a lot of rotational med ball tosses in-season with hockey.

Because the sport has such a large rotational component to it, we keep our med ball work more sagittal (or just non-rotational) during the in-season period. It goes back to the “filling buckets idea”➖ the rotational bucket is probably overflowing and the non-rotational bucket could use some filling to balance things out.

As you can see, training hockey players isn’t a simple as grabbing the football strength and conditioning program, getting under a barbell, and getting after it.

It takes a well thought-out training program.

It takes a coach that has been around the game for a while, had some successes and had some mistakes to learn from.

Which is why I created this Off-Season training book.

If you’d like a copy, you can grab it here.

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