Our Day 1 In-Season Training

After posting an example/template of what we do on our strength-speed day where we use some contrast training, I had a numerous people reach out to me asking how our In-Season Day 1 is set up.

Our Day 1 In-Season is pretty straight forward and a lot of traditional strength work. Most everything is loaded relatively heavy with reps somewhere between the 2-6 range. Just like the previous Day 2 example, this video isn’t a specific day, more of a visual of what we would typically do or something close to it.

Here is a basic template that we work off of for this day;

A1) Sprint

A2) Med Ball Work

A3) Plyo Work

B1) Trap Bar Jump Squat/DB Snatch or Landmine Split Jerk

B2) Anti-Extension Core

C1) RFESS ➖our main/#1 lower body movement. We load it heavy and really push strength with these

C2) Chin Up ➖ or main/#1 upper body movement (not bench press). We push these in hopes of keeping shoulders healthy long term

C3) Anti-Rotation Core

D1) 1-Leg RDL ➖ we place these on day 1 for a couple reasons. One, we push them hard and load them heavy. Two, they have the potential to make people sore so we place them as far away from competition as possible

D2) Neutral Grip Bench

D3) Additional Core/Carry

Again, I hope that helps and makes a little more sense for the people that were asking!

If you want more examples of what we do with our hockey players and a full Off-Season program, check out my new Ultimate Off-Season Training Program for Hockey right HERE!

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