Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

Here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


  1. The more hip extension you can get into the off-ice program for a hockey player the better. Hockey players live in a flexed hip position causing injuries due to this chronic posture. Do everything you can to overcome this posture.
  2. One person in the pursuit of excellence raises the standards of everyone around them. And as they strive for greatness they bring out greatness in others. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11 on Twitter)
  3. The best predictor of future high performance is someone’s thirst for knowledge and learning.
  4. I really think you can live a pretty long and healthy life by simply moving a decent amount every day, eating a healthy diet 90% of the time, and lifting some heavy weights 2-4 times per week. It really can be as simple as that.
  5. It’s impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows. — Epictetus

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