Modified Cooper’s Test

One of my big fitness goals for 2020 is to push conditioning a little more and become more aerobically fit, which has a huge impact on long term health and longevity…and to start off the year I decided to perform the Modified Coopers Test on the Assault bike to get some concrete data on where I am to start the year.

What is the Modified Coopers Test on the Assault Bike?

A 6 minute ride with the goal of going as fast as you can and accumulating the greatest distance possible OR a 2 Mile Ride as fast as possible, which is what I did.

What info do we get?

  1. Helps to determine someone’s anaerobic power
  2. An estimated anaerobic threshold based off of the average heart rate during the ride
  3. Max Aerobic Speed, which is simply the average speed throughout the course of the ride, which will then help determine and program appropriate speeds for future anaerobic conditioning sessions on the bike
  4. 60 second heart rate recovery to determine overall aerobic fitness. Ideally an aerobically fit person will recover 30 or more beats in those 60 seconds.

My results;

  • ⏱ — 4:43
  • Max Aerobic Speed — 66 RPM
  • Average ❤️ Rate — 160
  • Max ❤️ Rate — 180
  • 60 Second ❤️ Rate Recovery — 24 beats which is under the recommended 30 beat drop.

Definitely some room to get better‼️

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