Don’t Drift in 2020

One of the most important qualities of effective goal setting is the ability to stay focused and on track. Without being able to focus, it becomes increasingly more difficult to move forward and achieve all of your goals – you start drifting.

Being a seasoned cruiser (and going on a cruise tomorrow) I thought this would be timely analogy. Years ago on my first cruise I had the opportunity to go to the bridge of the ship for a meet and greet with the captain.

As expected, someone asked the captain what the roughest and toughest seas that he had sailed through. The captain calmly explained that he had successfully navigated a ship through 80-90 foot waves earlier in his career with very little problem.

The captain went on to explain that 80-90 foot waves are big and daunting, but not much of a big deal – unless the ship was to lose power. “If you lose power on a ship like this, or really any ship, you are in serious trouble” he went on to tell us. “When this ship has power, I can easily stay perpendicular to the waves, but if I were to lose power, the ship would drift parallel to the waves and be capsized.”

That’s the danger in drifting.

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