How Do We Program Contrast Work?

What does an actual day look like when you are programming contrast work❓

I had a couple of people reach out to me asking how our In-Season Day 2, our strength-speed type day, where we tend to perform some contrast work, is set up. The video isn’t a specific day, more of a visual of what we would typically do or something close to it.

Here is a basic template that we work off of for this day.

  • A1) Sprint
  • A2) Med Ball
  • B1) Hang Clean ➖ we almost always hang clean on this day and perform other loaded power work on Day 1
  • B2) Anti-Extension Core
  • C1) Lower Body Contrast ➖ we’ve performed various pairings on this day, this is a simple example using Hand Supported Split Squats with Lateral Bounds
  • C2) Upper Body Contrast ➖ again, just an example of what we have done
  • C3) Anti-Rotation Core ➖ we need to get core work in, and this fits well to slow people down and take appropriate rest between contrast work while still making good use of our time.
  • D1) Lower Body Accessory ➖ if we performed a knee dominant exercise in the contrast, we’ll perform something more hip dominant here, and vice versa
  • D2) Upper Body Accessory ➖ same idea here, we’ll perform the opposite pattern from what we did in the upper body contrast work
  • D3) Additional Core/Loaded Carry

Hope that helps!

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