4 Unique Lower Body Movements with the Landmine

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a pretty cranky lower back. Because of that I do very few lower body exercises that load my spine.

Over the last few years it’s been a lot of RFE Split Squats, 1-Leg Squats, 2KB Front Squats, 1-Leg RDL’s, Slideboard Leg Curls and Sled work when it comes to my lower body work.

Recently, I’ve added a lot of Landmine work to my lower body training. The great thing is none of these movements load my spine, get me moving in various planes, and cause no lower back soreness following the workout or the next day.

If you tend to suffer from low back pain or are just looking for some unique/different exercises to spice up your training, give some of these a shot.

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