A New Big Reason to Sprint Consistently?

One of my biggest “duh” moments at the @bodybyboyle Winter seminar this past weekend was when Coach Boyle was speaking about max effort sprinting.

Max effort sprinting has a ton of benefits. It develops acceleration and speed — and every single athlete will benefit from more speed. It’s true velocity training — nothing we do in the weight room can touch the velocity of sprinting. And max effort sprinting might be the best exercise we have in reducing hamstring injuries.

But what I never thought of — sprinting is the only max effort thing we can do on a consistent (2-3x a week) basis without crushing an athlete.

Max effort strength work or Olympic lifting every week and it won’t be long until you find yourself with a bunch of injured athletes. But sprinting allows you to touch on the maximal end of the spectrum without ruining the athlete in the process.

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