Post-Season Reconditioning with Hockey

Attack Mobility!!

The sport of hockey 🏒 really beats bodies up leading to some compensations that need to be addressed early and often. When it comes to mobility, Thoracic Spine (T-Spine) and Ankle mobility are our first priorities.

T-Spine Mobility ➡️ It isn’t a secret that shoulder injuries are far too common in the sport. Because the sport is played in a bent over, shoulders rounded forward position, we find players to have extremely facilitated pec major/minor and poor T-Spine mobility. Therefore, daily tissue quality work on the pec (via lacrosse ball) and daily T-Spine work is a must.

Ankle Mobility ➡️ Many players have very little ankle mobility, which makes sense when you acknowledge the fact that the skate boot is essentially a cast that doesn’t allow the ankle to move at all. But hockey players NEED ankle mobility. Better skaters typically get into a lower skating position. In order to get into a lower skating position the athlete needs a decent amount of ankle mobility. Therefore, daily tissue quality work on the calf (via lacrosse ball or foam roller) and daily Ankle mobility work is also a must.

Hope that helps!!

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