How Do We Program Power Development Work?

A few weeks ago someone asked me how I program power work with athletes? First, to simplify things, I ‘bucket’ power work into 4 different categories; sprinting, bodyweight, light implement, and heavy implement.

1. Sprinting 👉 pretty straight forward and maybe the best tool to develop power. We Time 10’s 2x a week and perform 3-4 reps each of those days.

2. Bodyweight 👉 these are traditional plyos and other bodyweight jumps.

3. Light Implement 👉 med ball work in various planes…slams, throws, rotational tosses, shot put and chest presses.

4. Heavy Implement 👉 Olympic lifts and variations…for us it means a lot of hang cleans, trap bar jump squats, and Landmine split jerks.

Hope that helps and makes sense!

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