Power Development with Hockey

A few weeks back someone reached out and asked what ‘heavy power’ exercises we do, specifically with 🏒

For us, we have two staples, Hang Clean and Trap Bar Jump Squats. One of these two exercises will almost always be in the program, and a lot of times when training two days a week (like in-season) these will be our two movements.

Beyond Hang Cleans and Jump Squats, we we also program Landmine Split Jerks, Rotational Landmine Split Jerks, Kettlebell Swings, and DB Snatches, though not as often as the two previously mentioned movements.

On top of that, though I don’t have the space and equipment to do so in a team setting, I think Sled Sprints have a value as a horizontally loaded power movement, and something we would do more of if we had the space.

Hope that helps!

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