Random Thoughts: April Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

1. Legit max effort sprinting might be the most beneficial thing you can do with an athlete yet is neglected from a lot of programs.

2. Coaching hack: listen more than you talk.

3. A question every strength coach (or any coach) should ask themselves: Would I want to be coached by me?

4. Why are you programming that exercise? What adaptation/s are you hoping your athletes will get? Coaches should have an answer to this, for every exercise! – Ben Griffin (@CoachGriffin88 on Twitter)

5.Most of the athletes we work with aren’t interested in their squats or bench presses. What they are interested in is their sport and being healthy enough to play it. Try not to forget what’s important to them.

6. If you want to be rich, then be kind. It’s hard to create wealth unless you work well with others, and it’s hard to work well with others if you are unlikable. Even if you can do it without kindness, rich jerks end up poor in friendship. You can buy friends, but not good ones. – James Clear (@JamesClear on Twitter)

7. The hardest things for some coaches to do is to not say anything. They want to always be coaching or to always hear themselves coaching. But, in a lot of instances you’d be better off letting the athlete figure it out a little bit.

8. Culture is far more important than sets and reps.

9. Science doesn’t really care about your beliefs. – Professor Richard Feynman (@ProfFeynman on Twitter)

10. Fatigue is not the goal, adaptation is the goal.

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