How Do We Structure Our Daily Activation with Hockey?

A couple weeks back someone reached out asking how we structure our warm up/activation work and more specifically what we do.

For us it’s simple ➡️ we’ll perform some type of tissue quality work (foam roll, lax ball rolling) followed by some stretching and mobility.

From there, we try to attack the hip/core in five different ways in each warm up ➡️ posterior, anterior, lateral, groin, and core.

  1. Posterior Hip (Glute Max) ➡️ Tennis Ball Hip Lifts, Knee Hug Hip Lifts and Feet Elevated Hip Lifts all fit this category.
  2. Anterior (hip flexor) ➡️ Supine Band Hip Flexor and variations as well as 1/2 Kneeling Wall Hip Flexor Holds fit in this category.
  3. Lateral (Glute med) ➡️ Lateral Band Walks, Clamshells, and similar exercises film this category.
  4. Groin ➡️ Things like Med Ball or Mini Foam roller squeezes at different angles fill this category.
  5. Core/Corrective ➡️ Simple things like front or side planes, deadbugs or leg lowers fill this more general category.

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