Random Thoughts: June Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

1. The biggest KPI for any sport is health.

2. Two things that get overlooked with training: One, what was done yesterday? Two, what’s being done tomorrow. – Rachel Hayes (@RachelKH2 on Twitter)

3. As the years have passed I’ve realized that two things have happened to me as a coach. One, the less I knew the more confident I was. Two, as I learn more I begin to question more and more of what we do as a field.

4. Not many athletes are really over-trained. Most are under-recovered.

5. Sometimes the most advanced thing you should do in the weight room is the basics consistently well.

6. Fall in love with some activity and do it! Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with curiosity. Fall in love with learning new things. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself. – Professor Richard Feynman (@ProFeynman on Twitter)

7. Unpopular Truth: 99% of people don’t need a complicated diet or training program, they simply need to eat less and exercise more then they currently do.

8. Dependability is more important than ability. – Bill Belichick

9. Those who don’t make time for exercise will eventually have to make time for illness. – Edward Stanley

10. Train everybody like an explosive track star, chances are you’ll be checking a lot of very good boxes. – Blaine Kinsley (@StrengthBK37 on Twitter)

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