Monday Musings

Happy Monday and Happy June 1st!

Like every other Monday, here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


1. Great workout? Don’t forget that rest and recovery is where we actually realize the benefits of exercise.

2. We must learn to jump off the ground and properly land on the ground before we attempt to minimize time spent on the ground. – Michael Boyle (@mboyle1959 on Twitter)

3. A really simple way to improve athletic performance? Stop drinking alcohol. Better sleep, better recovery from workouts, better body composition.

4. Great coaching will outdo great programming any day of the week. The program doesn’t have to be a masterpiece if you coach the heck outta kids to do it right and focus on details. A great program without great coaching is just a sheet of paper. – Zach Dechant (@ZachDechant on Twitter)

5. Athlete 1 does barbell bench press. Athlete 2 does dumbbell bench press. When they get on the field/court, would you be able to tell which athlete did which? No! As long as they’re strong, it doesn’t matter/no one really cares about the specific exercises they did in the gym! – Ben Griffin (@CoachGriffin88 on Twitter)

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