Trap Bar Deadlift With Hockey Players?

Why Do I Favor Trap Bar Deadlifts for Bilateral Training With Hockey Players.❓

The biggest reason ➖ we can avoid deeper hip flexion with a population that we know doesn’t handle deep hip flexion well. We know that generally speaking when training bilaterally, hip flexion at or around 90 degrees coupled with internal rotation of the hip irritates hip issues like FAI that are common in hockey populations ➖ so we want to stay away from it. The Trap Bar doesn’t demand near the hip flexion that squatting does. We then get most of our deeper hip flexion/squatting work unilaterally via RFE Split Squats/1-Leg Squats etc that for some reason generally tends to not bother hips (better joint centration in a unilateral stance? 🤷‍♂️).

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