Be Brilliant At The Basics

I was thinking the other day how important some of the little things, the things that most coaches overlook.

A perfect example of this is a simple 1-Leg Linear Hurdle Hop. I get asked all the time why we are performing an exercise like this with college athletes…shouldn’t we be spending our time developing legit power?

But the 1-Leg Linear Hurdle Hop has a ton of benefits that EVERYONE can benefit from;

  • Landing skills
  • Uni-lateral power
  • Eccentric strength
  • Multiplanar hip stability
  • Multiplanar foot stability
  • Multiplanar knee stability
  • Multiplanar ankle stability

Who needs those types of things? ALL ATHLETES!

Point is this…don’t be that coach that thinks their athletes are too advanced to do basic things…cause the basic things are important!

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