Do You Perform Olympic Lifts?

The one thing I have really started to enjoy about social media is the amount of people that reach out with questions. 

The questions make me think. They make me justify what we do. They make me wonder if what we do is correct. 

A few days ago was no different as I was asked my take on Olympic lifting. My thoughts have changed over the years as I thought you HAD to use them.

Though I do use Olympic lifts for athletic development, I’m not naïve enough to believe that every athlete needs to Olympic lift or should Olympic lift.

We’ve started to use a lot of Jump Squats with our athletes and a lot of Landmine Split Jerks. And depending on the sport or athletes (should or wrist issues) we will perform some Kettlebell Swings.

Are they superior for power output compared to Olympic lifts?

I don’t know.

Are they safer?

I think so. 

Are they easier to teach in a group setting?


That’s why we do them and like them.

Point is this…do what’s best for the people you work with. That may be Olympic lifts. It may not. Don’t let the internet tell you that you HAVE to do something or can’t ever do something. Everyone has a different situation and different athletes…and the athletes are what matter.

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