Anti-Rotation Progression

If you are anything like me you use the anti-rotation, both presses and holds, a lot in your training programs.

Like anything else, I have a set progression that I use with the movement so that I can systematically progress both athletes and adult clients throughout their training.

Here is a simple progression that we are currently using;

  1. Tall Kneeling
  2. 1/2 Kneeling
  3. Split Stance
  4. Standing

You can see the entire progression here

  1. Beyond that, we have a various handful of different variations that we will throw in once we have reached this point. Variations like;
  2. Single Leg
  3. Overhead
  4. Marching
  5. Shuffle

You can see those here; 

As you can see, that’s 8 different exercises that we can use in our anti-rotation arsenal. Ideally we will spend 3 weeks progressing through each progression which would give us 24 weeks of training for one of our clients, but 24 weeks of training that gets progressively more difficult but in a safe manner.

If you are curious as to what all our progressions look like, from med ball work, plyometric work, core work and strength training, take a look at my Coaches Guide to Progressions and Regression, so that you can have a ton of plug and go progressions for the athletes and adult clients that you work with.

You can grab a copy of that HERE!

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