Train With Craig General Fitness Example

What does the Train With Craig General Fitness program look like❓

Here is what our Day 2 of the current September program looks like, which is extremely similar to what I do every single day with general fitness clients in the gym.

A1: 2-Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press
A2: Feet Elevated Weighted Side Plank
A3. Reach and Touch Plan
B1: RFE Split Squat
B2: 1/2 Kneeling 1-Arm Cable Row
B3: Split Stance Anti-Rotation Hold
C1: Glute Bridge Walkout
C2: 1-Dumbbell Floor Press
C3: DB Plank Row Hold

Day 1 & 3 are completely different from this and don’t forget we also have and At Home Training program and an Athlete training program…and you get access to all three when you sign up!

If you want more information and would like to join the squad, check out Train With Craig Here!

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