Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

Like every other Monday, here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


  1. Working with hockey players? Use the Sled Crossover during the off-season. The Sled Crossover is a staple movement in the offseason for hockey as it is a simple way to improve long term groin health, strengthening the adductors (cross under leg) in an extremely functional way.
  2. Being positive doesn’t mean you ignore the reality of the situation or sugarcoat what’s happening. It means you don’t let negativity sour things and make them worse. – Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11 on Twitter)
  3. It should be common sense, but if you want to get fast and/or develop faster teams, you actually have to practice getting fast. Sprint!
  4. If you are comfortable, you aren’t growing.
  5. Never forget that S&C at it’s core is about adaptation. Our job is to introduce a stimulus designed to achieve a desirable adaptation to enhance performance. If you start with “what adaptation am I trying to achieve?” You can cut out a lot of junk from your program. – David Neill (@DNeill62 on Twitter).

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