Well Rounded Power Development

Research has shown that sagittal plane power production doesn’t carryover to frontal/transverse/rotational power nearly as much as people would like to think — and most sports require a great deal of non-sagittal plane power.

To develop power outside of the sagittal plane and have it carryover to sport, you need to specifically train it.

How do we develop more non-Sagittal plane power❓

1️⃣ Lateral Bounds — One of the easiest ways to train frontal plane power is through lateral bounds. The Lateral Bound allows for specific frontal plane power, something you don’t get from exercises like cleans and snatches.

2️⃣ Rotational Tosses — You can also develop a lot of non-Sagittal plane power through med ball work. Rotational tosses, shot puts, and many other drills can accomplish this.

3️⃣ Single Leg Strength — At first glance many people think single leg exercises are performed in the sagittal plane, but in reality you are asking the hip to perform a ton of stabilization in both the frontal and transverse plane. 1-Leg Squats, 1-Leg RDL’s and Skater Squats are all great options.

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