What Can We Learn About the Derrick Henry Stiffarm?

Two things that insane Derrick Henry stiffarm should remind us or teach us as strength and conditioning coaches…

1️⃣ Single Arm Pressing is Important — in a lot of instances in sport athletes are asked to push, hold off or gain leverage with one arm against an opponent. Sure something like a bench press and developing general pressing strength will help, but things like a Landmine Press or 1-DB Bench Press teaches you to press while maintaining core stability, just like what happens in sport.

2️⃣ Core Stability is Huge — the amount of core stability that is takes to stiffarm someone like that, while running, is insane…which is why we emphasize core stability in the weight room. That’s why we do rollouts and body saws and DON’T do things like crunches and Russian twists.

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