Are You Derek?

Meet Derek.

Derek is a 38 year old man, juggling a full time job and father of 2 beautiful children who are involved in various sports and activities.

Derek clearly lives a busy life between work and everything that comes with being a father and husband.

And because of that, Derek has gained a few too many pounds over the last few years and put his health and fitness on the backburner.

But Derek decided to make a change. He decided that he no longer wanted to feel lethargic, to feel unathletic, and to feel uncomfortable trying to perform everyday life activities.

Derek took a chance. He decided to join Train With Craig in July, making it a priority to carve out the 45-60 minutes four times a week to follow the program, along with making better nutritional choices on a daily basis.

Derek has now lost close to 20lbs. Derek feels much better, has way more energy, and looks forward to his workouts.

Be like Derek. Feel good. Look good. Have tons of energy. Enjoy your workouts.

Make the investment in yourself and try out Train With Craig for just $19 a month!

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