Building Core Stability Through the Rollout Progression

Today is Day 1️⃣0️⃣ of #30daysofcore where I’ll share some tips and thoughts on core work for the next 30 days.

Training and developing the ability to resist extension of the lumbar spine may be the most important part of core training for both performance and health/injury prevention. It is also the place we start with all the athletes and clients we work with.

Which is why the Rollout progression is a staple in our programming. The Rollout progression builds off of the front plank progression and will set the foundation for all the more advanced core training that people want to perform.

The Rollout progression looks something like this;

1️⃣ SB Rollout
2️⃣ Ring Fallout
3️⃣ Wheel Rollout
4️⃣ Body Saw
5️⃣ Foam Roller Body Saw
6️⃣ Bear Position Body Saw

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