What the Current Train With Craig Day 3 Lift Looks Like

Want to move better?

Want to feel better?

Want to drop a few lbs?

Want to gain some strength?

Then you may want to look into Train With Craig!

Here is an example of what you’ll get, as this is Day 3 of the current General Fitness Program

A1: Kettlebell Swing
A2: Feet Elevated Side Plank Row
A3: Adductor T-Spine

B Series is a 10-1 rep countdown to get some volume in and that heart rate cranking

B1: Goblet Split Squat
B2: Dumbbell Bench Press

C1: Slider Leg Curl
C2: Alternating Chest Supported Row
C3: Anti-Rotation Walkout
C4: Dumbbell Plank Row

Along with this, you get a different Day 1 & 2 lift and an additional aerobic circuit.

All for just $19‼️

You can learn more HERE!

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