What Does A Session in the Gym Look Like?

What does a typical athlete training session at MaxWay Performance look like…

First, each and every athlete will come in and perform a general warm up consisting of foam rolling, a few activation exercises, a few stretches, and a quick dynamic warm up.

After that we move in to our Light Implement Power Block. In this example, our athlete is performing Hurdle Jumps, Rotational Overhead Slams, and 10 Yard Sprints. 

From there we move into our Heavy Implement Power Block. Here is where you will find movements like Hang Cleans, Jump Squats, Landmine Split Jerks, or in this example, Dumbbell Snatches. We always throw in a core exercise in this block as well.

Now is where we start performing our typical strength training where we will have 2 different blocks of work. In this example our 2 blocks looked like;

1/2 Kneel Landmine Press
Body Saw

1-Leg Squat
1-Arm Dumbbell Row
1-Arm Farmers Carry (Suitcase Carry)

And that is what every lift looks like for our athletes. The exercises may change, but the set up rarely does.

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