An Adult Lift Example…

What does a typical adult training session at MaxWay Performance look like…

First, each and every adult will come in and perform a general warm up consisting of foam rolling, a few activation exercises, a few stretches, and a quick dynamic warm up.

After that we move in to what we would consider our Power Block. In this example, our client Dave is performing Trap Bar Jump Squats, Cross Behind Rotational Tosses, 1/2 Kneel Push:Pull’s. 

Now is where we start performing our typical strength training where we will have 2 different blocks of work. In this example our 2 blocks looked like;

☑️ Lateral Landmine Squat
☑️ Chest Supported Row
☑️ Body Saw 

☑️ Tall Kneel Landmine Press
☑️ Dumbbell Plank Row

And that is what every lift looks like for most of our adults. The exercises may change, but the set up rarely does.

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