Random Thoughts: February Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

  1. The old school powerlifting way of training doesn’t add up anymore – everyone knows it’s a dead end street. – Frans Bosch
  2. Train the individual in front of you, not the piece of paper.
  3. What’s the recipe for success in S&C? Doing simple things savagely well.
  4. In this field your work ethic and attitude will get you further than any certification or degree.
  5. The objective of S&C isn’t to make people sore and tired; it’s to make them better.
  6. The primary goal of a training program is to keep players in the game, with improved performance coming second. A healthy player is always better then an unhealthy player.
  7. Overuse is one of the only things that constantly predicts injury.
  8. Great performers, in any field, tend to be better at the basics compared to everyone else. The same should apply to the athletes you work with.
  9. Always be tired and sore is not an indicator of a good strength program, it’s probably the opposite.
  10. The best coaches spend more time talking ‘with’ their athletes and less time talk ‘to’ them.
  11. There is still a ton of stuff that we don’t know when it comes to strength and conditioning even though some would like you to think they know it all. Keep learning and evolving.
  12. The highest level athletes have typically mastered the basics.

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