An Athlete Train With Craig Program

The Train With Craig February program is in fill swing, which means lots of people getting stronger, fitter, and feeling better!

Here is an example of our Day 3 in the February General Fitness Program 👇

A1. 45 Degree Lateral Bound
A2. Med Ball Overhead Slam
A3. Plate Deadbug (not shown)

B1. Landmine Split Jerk (not shown)
B2. Split Stance Rotational Toss
B3. Goblet Carry (not shown)

C1. Step Up
C2. 1/2 Kneel 1-Arm Cable Row (not shown)
C3. 1/2 Kneel Anti-Rotation Press

D1. Stability Ball Leg Curl (not shown)
D2. 1/2 Kneel 1-Dumbbell Overhead Press
D3. Feet Elevated Front Plank

Beyond our General Fitness program, we also have an Athlete program and an At Home program, all for just $19 a month!

If you are interested in joining the Train With Craig program, check THIS out.

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