Why I Love Farmer’s Carries

The Farmer’s Carry is a staple exercise for us with all populations, both adults and athletes.


☑️Core stability
☑️Hip stability
☑️Shoulder stability
☑️Grip strength
☑️Easy to perform well
☑️Hard to perform poorly

We typically program some type of carry 1-2x per week, performing 3 sets like we do with most everything else.

What we do different is program it by steps. Instead of asking someone to walk a certain distance, we ask them to walk a certain amount of steps. We do this because of different stride lengths, hoping that steps will get the same training effect for most people (think someone 5’0” versus someone 6’8” — the amount of steps it may take for these individuals to walk 20 yards could be completely different).

Do you program Loaded Carries? What are your favorites?

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