Exercise of the Week: 1-Step Med Ball Shot Put

The Med Ball Shot Put has become one of our staple med ball movements in the gym, and for good reason.

☑️ Rotational Power
☑️ Core Power
☑️ Teaches the rotator cuff to decelerate, making it a sneaky good pre-hab exercise for the shoulders
☑️ Develops power from the ground up
☑️ Uni-lateral
☑️ Fun

The 1-Step variation is the first in our progression, a progression that looks something like this;

1️⃣ 1/2 Kneeling
2️⃣ Standing
3️⃣ 1-Step
4️⃣ Shuffle
5️⃣ Cross Behind

If you aren’t using the movement in your training or your training with the athletes you work with, change that‼️

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