Train With Craig…Athlete Workout Example

And we are back with another month of the Athlete Train With Craig program!

This example is the current Day 1 of the April program.

A1: Continuous Hurdle Jump
A2: Sprinter Start Chest Pass
A3: Shuffle Rotational Toss

B1: Hang Clean
B2: Wheel Rollout

C1: Trap Bar Deadlift 
C2: Chin Up
C3: Standing Anti-Rotation Press

D1. 2-Dumbbell Split Squat
D2. Dumbbell Incline Press
D3. Suitcase Carry

Day 2 & 3 are completely different from this and don’t forget we also have and At Home Training program and a General Fitness training program…and you get access to all three when you sign up!

For more information about the program, check this out! 

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