Programming Pulling Movements with Adult Populations

The other day I posted on the type of upper body pressing that we perform with our adult clients. From that, I received a few questions on the type of upper body pulling we perform with our adult clients, and more specifically, do we perform chin/pull ups?

The short answer and yes and no.

No, we don’t typically perform chin ups with adults. Most adults, through years of wear and tear, don’t possess the mobility to get overhead in a adequate position. Because of that, we tend to stick with a lot of horizontal pulling (ring rows, dumbbell rows, chest supported rows, etc) because they are extremely user friendly.

Yes, we do program ‘vertical’ pulling movements like X-Pulldowns (and variations) and even some Ring Chin Ups from time to time due to the ability of the shoulder to rotate internally and externally as needed. 

Hope that makes sense and helps‼️

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