My Top 4 Pulling Movements with Overhead Athletes

Is there anything more important then training the scapular stabilizers in Overhead athletes when trying to keep shoulders healthy❓

Probably not.

Which is why all our go-to upper body pulling movements are horizontal pulls and stay away from overhead pulling movements like chin ups or pull ups. The closest thing we get to overhead pulling would be X-Pulldown variations.
Here are our staple rowing movements;

✅ Chest Supported Row ➖one of the biggest benefits to the movement is that it places the athlete in a position where they can’t cheat (as long as they keep their hips down) allowing for a greater focus on pulling.

✅ Ring Row ➖ maybe our #1 rowing movement — you’ll be hard pressed to find a time throughout the course of the year that we aren’t performing the movement.

✅ Dumbbell Row ➖ uni-lateral which is great for obvious reasons and maybe my favorite rowing movement, though it’s a surprisingly/sneaky tough movement to get people to perform well.

✅ Partner Towel Row ➖ being on your feet and having to stabilize while performing the movement makes this a phenomenal option. Plus is different and fun to challenge one another.

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