Are Deadbugs a Little Boring?

Are dead bugs a little boring❓

Sure, they aren’t all that exciting, but there is a lot to like and a lot of reasons you should probably add them into your own training program and the training programs of the clients/athletes you work.

Some things to like;

☑️ Helps promote posterior pelvic tilt
☑️ Helps to promote lumbo-pelvic hip stabilizers
☑️ Improves motor control
☑️ A much more ‘functional’ core movement when compared to crunches, sit ups or Russian Twists

This is a variation we’ve been using with the stability ball a little more often this year. It seems to ‘lock in’ the anterior core a little more as you are forced to create a little tension into the ball with the non-moving arm & leg.

How do we categorize core work?

What does our core work look like?

What are our progressions and regressions?

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