Train With Craig Athlete July 2021

This week is the fourth and final week of the July Train With Craig Program!

Here is an example of the current day 1 Athlete lift. The athlete program has 3 days, all different, and changes each month. 

The Day 3 program looked something like this for July…

A1. Hurdle Jump w/ Mini Bounce

A2. 1-Step Rotational Toss

A3. 1-Step Chest Pass

B1. Dumbbell Snatch

B2. V-Stance T-Spine Rotation

B3. Side Plank Row

C1. 1-Dumbbell SLDL

C2. 1/2 Kneel Landmine Press

C3. Body Saw

D1. 1-Leg Squat

D2. 1-Arm Dumbbell Row

D3. Suitcase Carry

Beyond the Athlete program, we also have a General Fitness program, and you get them both for just $19 a month!

For more info, you can go here

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