7 Loaded Carry Variations You Should Try for a Bulletproof Core

Loaded carries are a staple in any program that I write. They are an extremely basic and beneficial movement for anyone, whether you be an athlete looking to improve performance to a general population client training to feel and look better.

No matter the goal, whether it be to build strength, build work capacity, rehab from an injury, perform better, build muscle, or almost everything else, loaded carries should have a spot in a well-rounded program.

The list of benefits to Loaded Carries are long and impressive, but here are the three main reasons I program them with most everyone;

  1. core stability
  2. grip strength
  3. shoulder stability

So what carries should you implement in your program?

Once you have mastered the basic carries (farmers, suitcase) I say get creative and have some fun. There are numerous ways to perform the movement, but here are 7 of my favorites.

Farmers Carry

Suitcase Carry

Double Racked Carry

Goblet Carry

Overhead Carry

1-KB Bottoms Up Carry

1 Up, 1 Down Carry

When it comes to programming carries, I program them as core exercises.

How do we categorize core work?

What does our core work look like?

What are our progressions and regressions?

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