Why So Much Love for the Shot Put?

The Med Ball Shot Put has become one of our staple med ball movements in the gym, and for good reason.

☑️ Rotational Power
☑️ Core Power
☑️ Teaches the rotator cuff to decelerate, making it a sneaky good pre-hab exercise for the shoulders
☑️ Develops power from the ground up
☑️ Uni-lateral
☑️ Fun

The 1-Step variation is the third in our progression, a progression that looks something like this;

1️⃣ 1/2 Kneeling
2️⃣ Standing
3️⃣ 1-Step
4️⃣ Shuffle
5️⃣ Cross Behind

If you aren’t using the movement in your training or your training with the athletes you work with, change that‼️

Additionally, if you are looking for more progressions and regressions, check out my Coaches Guide to Progressions and Regressions.

In it you will find all our progressions…core, upper body, lower body, plyo, med ball and more!

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