Random Thoughts: October Edition

Another month, another post full of random thoughts that have been going through my head. Hope it sparks a little thought in people and you enjoy!

  1. Missed a workout? Nail the next one. Had a ‘bad’ meal? Make the next one healthy. Make a rule to never miss twice.
  2. The best thing about fitness and being fit? It isn’t complicated and anyone can do it. Yet most won’t. Be one of those who does do it.
  3. I encourage everyone I know to lift weights/exercise daily in order to be fit. Being fit is an advantage in life. Don’t willfully neglect such an advantage.
  4. Closing in on 10 years of coaching and one thing I know is true; Great coaches aren’t the ones that know the most, they are the ones that care the most.
  5. It’s our responsibility as strength coaches to build durable/resilient athletes that can withstand the stress of the sport they play. Durability and availability > everything else.
  6. It’s not hard to be cutting edge, you just have to be willing to learn.
  7. Do less better. Intensity and quality always trump volume and quantity.
  8. Focus less on losing weight quickly. Focus more on losing it sustainably, keeping the weight off, and creating a lifestyle you can enjoy.
  9. I’ve recently had a couple guys tell me they want to train but not hard because they don’t want to get too big or bulky. For majority of people, that’s not a concern. It takes a lot of time to get to that state. It’s the last thing I would worry about.
  10. Anyone looking for some cutting edge science to improve their performance that isn’t averaging ~8 hours of sleep should start there.

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