Looking for a Core Challenge?

Anyone who follows me know that I program very little core work that isn’t about resisting motion…because I think teaching the core how to resist motion is the most important thing we can do for anyone performing core work.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t program any core work that doesn’t resist motion.

A great example…the 1-Arm Straight Leg Sit Up‼️

Which…is brutally hard‼️

If you really want to challenge yourself, gran a 10-20lb kettlebell or dumbbell and try to bang out 6-10 reps on each side.

Not only will it fry your core, it demands a ton of shoulder stability. 

How do we categorize core work?

What does our core work look like?

What are our progressions and regressions?

All of that can be found in Functional Core Training, the LAST core training resource you will ever need.

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