1-Kettlebell EMOM Circuit

🔥EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Kettlebell Circuit🔥

⚡️25 Minute EMOM⚡️

Minute 1 👉 Hand to Hand Kettlebell Swing x8 each

Minute 2 👉 Offset Squat to Press (R) x8

Minute 3 👉 Offset Squat to Press (L) x8

Minute 4 👉 Row (R) x8

Minute 5 👉 Row (L) x8

Repeat 🔁 for 4 more rounds

📝 Training Notes 📝

✔️perform the number of reps and then rest the remainder of the minute

✔️ the reps can be manipulated…do more or less based on the equipment you have and fitness levels

✔️ have fun

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