Keto Diets?

I have NOTHING against low carb diets.

Or no carb diets.

Or Keto.

If it works for you, if it is sustainable, and something you enjoy doing…then have at it!

That said, there is nothing wrong with carbs.

They aren’t inherently bad for you.

They don’t cause you to get fat.

There isn’t a single macronutrient, whether it be protein, fats or carbs, that make you fat.

What makes you fat?

Consuming too many calories on a consistent basis.


And before the “INSULIN” crowd chimes in, if someone is eating in a calorie deficit, insulin isn’t going to make them fat.

How do I know?

Cause there are hundreds of thousands of people who are both in a calorie deficit and eating carbs…and getting healthier.

But maybe those don’t count because it doesn’t fit your narrative and goal of demonizing a macronutrient. 

Reality > Feelings.

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