Monday Musings

Happy Monday! 

And welcome back to me!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Like every other Monday (hopefully, trying to get back on track here with the blog), here are a few thoughts bouncing around in my head after a week of reading, podcasts, cruising social media and any other continuing ed.


  1. Being unfit is a huge health concern and will become a bigger and bigger health concern as we age. Strength train. Perform cardiovascular exercise. Eat a well balanced, nutritional diet. Repeat day after day.
  2. I get asked a lot by family and friends for general health and fitness advice. And far too often, many of these people see simple health and fitness advice and call it ‘nothing new’ or ‘too simple’. And that’s an issue…because the old stuff works. Most people don’t need anything complex, they just need simple things and consistency.
  3. I’ve come to love hard conditioning days (on the Assault bike for me) and long lower intensity cardio as much as I love strength training. The hard conditioning can be just that, hard, and the lower intensity stuff can be a little boring at times, but heart health is important.
  4. 5 Big Pillars of sleep: going to be around the same time, darkness prior to bed, sunlight during the day, coolish room, avoid alcohol and caffeine in the afternoon at night 
  5. For me personally, I’ve found that a daily workout is a great way to manage my emotions.

Hope that sparks some thought!

Have a great day!

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