Why Nutrition Is the Driver of Fat Loss

Here is something to think about…

As an estimate, a 150lb male that goes for a walk that results in around 10,000 steps, will burn around 250 calories.

That’s about half of a Big Mac! Thats it!

Unfortunately we don’t burn nearly as many as we like to think we do or wished we would. When I was reading Herman Pontzer’s ‘Burn’ it became very clear that this was in fact the case (great book — you should read it).

Which is why the old saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is spot on, unless you are performing hours and hours of exercise each week.

Which is also another reason that we need to be looking at our nutrition to drive both weight loss and weight gain. Because it is much easier to create a calorie deficit or calorie surplus by what you are eating on a daily basis.

That said, you should still exercise. Exercise is phenomenal for health and well-being. Exercise just won’t have as big an impact on weight loss or weight gain as we hope.

Hope that helps and makes sense…have a day!

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