Is “Too Simple” Exactly What You Need?

People always ask me for health & fitness advice.

Training programs.

Nutrition advice.

And everything else you can think of.

And I always tell them the same basic things.

Eat a well rounded and nutrient dense diet most of the time.

Get in the gym and exercise 2-5x a week.

Do some cardio. 

Drink a lot of water.

Sleep 7-9 hours a night.

Get your steps in each day.

And be consistent.

And they look at me like they already know all of that or that it’s too simple.

And you know what..?

If most of us followed those simple guidelines, we’d all probably look pretty good, feel pretty good, move pretty good, and have good health.

Don’t get caught up in the next fad diet or trying to perform the next cool exercise you see on social. Do the simple things. Do them consistently. I bet good things will happen!

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