Accommodating Resistance

Chains and other forms off accommodating resistance can be used for more then just speed work. The most important thing is stressing movement patterns and chasing the adaptation, not necessarily the specific exercise you chose. In this case the instability of the chains add a shoulder stability component that stresses the rotator cuff in … Continue reading Accommodating Resistance

1-Leg Linear Hurdle Hop Progression

The goal of our 'plyometric' program is to first teach the athlete jumping and landing skills before we progress to what most people would consider true plyometrics. We prioritize eccentric stability before we worry about power develop ➡️ we prioritize injury prevention over performance. Phase One: To A Box The first emphasis is learning … Continue reading 1-Leg Linear Hurdle Hop Progression

Frontal Plane Power Development

"Power development is extremely plane-specific.” – Eric Cressey Research has shown that sagittal plane power production doesn’t carryover to frontal/transverse/rotational power nearly as much as people would like to think. To develop power outside of the sagittal plane and have it carryover to sport, you need to specifically train it. The sport of hockey is … Continue reading Frontal Plane Power Development