Anti-Rotation Press with Perturbations?

Here is an excellent yet simple way to progress the Anti-Rotation Press by adding some perturbations.  The erratic/less predictable movement of the perturbations challenge both the larger core musculature but also the smaller stabilizers that are important for health and performance, all while adding a slight shoulder stability component.  We typically perform 2-3 sets of … Continue reading Anti-Rotation Press with Perturbations?

4 Staple Pulling Movements with Overhead Athletes

Is there anything more important then training the scapular stabilizers in Overhead athletes when trying to keep shoulders healthy❓ Probably not. Which is why all our go-to upper body pulling movements are horizontal pulls and stay away from overhead pulling movements like chin ups or pull ups. The closest thing we get to overhead pulling … Continue reading 4 Staple Pulling Movements with Overhead Athletes